Tuesday, December 11, 2007

hello again

my oh my. it sure has been awhile! so much has happened and so much has changed that i wonder of i should just scrap the SSPS all together and move to something new. starting fresh certainly has its appeal. in fact, it's almost a appealing as the soy pralines and pecan faux ice cream that i am currently licking off a spoon. yum. i dunno what to do. poppy and i sure had some fun times playing with this bloggery of ours, but evidently, it has gone by the way side. poppy and i don;t even live in the same province anymore, let alone the same house. racy photo ops don;t often present themselves and i have yet to find a partner-in-crime in my new life in a new city. well, not exactly new. a return of sorts...not quite as triumphant as i had hoped. i sort of just ...slinked back into town becaule i didn't know what else to do with my life. one little grad school application set the wheels in motion and the next thing i knew..voila! here i was. back in my hometown, buying a little house and inheriting my parent's furniture. i shit you not, it looks like martha stewart got her little hands on my living room. but then i got my hands back on it and turned it into a happy disaster. hmmm...that's all you get for now, lack of raciness, i realize, although, i did have the BEST SEX of my life a few days ago. for real. i've had a sexual liberation...more later, i'm just testing out the ol' typing fingers for now and deciding if i should bother with this anymore..

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