Friday, March 10, 2006

art for the underemployed

hmmmm....what to say on this day? Today was my last day of work and i don't think it has quite sunk in. I quit my job...I QUIT MY JOB! I really, really did. I guess i'm kind of unemployed right now, but i feel a strange sense of liberation. In fact, i relish my new lack of responsibility. I have almost nothing to do. Except of course, to figure out what i will do with all my free time. I think the slipshod petticoats are going to start doing some art installments. Something racy, something exciting, something utterly and deliciously bad. There are certainly many wonderful venues for lingerie-flashing photo-ops. What about in churches? That would indeed make a nice justaposition and presentation of innocent yet inappropriate images. Or is it too "done"? Too oh-so-typical and cliched virgin/whore? Maybe we should try something more along the lines words painted on bodies, flashed in public places and then put together to make silly sentences, or bad poetry? Should it rhyme do you think? The poetry, i mean? And what should the first topic be? I need a theme of some kind. I'm open to suggestions.... i think i need the other petticoat to get in on this fledgling project.

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