Friday, March 03, 2006

It looks like a crunchy morning out there. I'm talking about the snow texture as a result of the temperature. Isn't that a great word to describe the weather? Crunchy. Many things are much better described with seemeingly inappropriate adjectives. A few days ago, i told my roommate as I came back in through the door after retrieving my travel mug from the car, that it was a "wooly" morning outside. She laughed, but i don't think she knew what i meant. Do you know what i mean? The air felt wooly on my tongue when i breathed. Now? I'm sure you understand now. Think about being little and trying to get a wet mitten off your hand with your teeth so that you can pull your sock up inside your boot. Okay? Good. Like i said at the beginning - it is crunchy out there, so perhaps i should put on some appropriate underclothing. Yesterday, i actually wore underwear! Can you believe it? I can't - it felt really weird and confining. But I have been having problems as of late with cold bum-cheeks. Perhaps it is a result of my poorly functioning circulatory system, as i often have cold hands and feet as well. Hands and feet are easily warmed, but rubbing one's bum cheeks (no matter how delightful a picture it may create for some) is just not acceptable public behaviour in one's place of work. Today's underclothes have a little embroidered message (kind of like the one in the first full-length bloggery picture). They say "what's your sign?". Maybe i should flash them at my boss (the one from the icky, dirty -in-a-not-nice-way dream from previous bloggery) and see what he thinks. "Now why on earth would she do that?" you may be thinking to yourself. The response is quite simple: I quit. That's right. Yesterday, I handed in my official letter of resignation. Two weeks notice. Every inch of my body, from my pounding temples, over-used vocal cords, fake-smile facial muscles, aching back, and over-worked feet are thanking me for this decision. My mental health has already improved greatly. I love it. The question now is: How should i celebrate this weekend?

Off to work i go, wearing message-bearing undies and singing a song in my heart!

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