Monday, March 27, 2006

Lustin' After the Spray Paint Can

LUST. The SSPs were sitting in our favorite coffee spot yesterday, dealing with unloading an unwanted rental (if you're looking for a sweet pad, we've got one for you), when one of us, averting eyes away from the computer screen for a moment, spied a word painted high on the building across the street. In large, spray-painted block letters, was the word "LUST".
Lust....hmmmm... it really got us thinking...

It almost qualifies as "onomatopoeia" - almost. It sounds like what it is, y'know? Kind of like when you say "fuck" with proper intent. Words that begin with the letter "L" are almost always sexy. I think it has something to do with the way one's tongue goes up behind one's front teeth to properly form the "L". Back to lust.
Lust, it seems, can exist in several different forms.

1.) There is your average, garden-variety lust, that feeling of just needing to get laid - the who and where can be dealt with later.
usage: "I'm feeling rather lusty today." (this usage is interchangable with "horny", but i've always hated that word) I get this particular version of lusty when reading a good, smutty book.

2.) Next, we have specifically directed lust. As in, you are lusting after someone.
usage: "Remember that guy ****** that we met at that party last week? I'm really lusting after him. He turns me on. Waaayyyy on."

3.) Which brings us to the kind of lust that must have inspired the graffiti artist in question to either scale that building, or hang out a window to spray the word "LUST" so very high above Blowers Hill. Full-blown, wanton, nasty, all-consuming need-to-get-laid. I think this is specifically directed as well. Not just anyone can inspire such an overwhelming desire. This isn't the kind of thing that often happens with a seeing-someone-from-across-a-crowded-room (although it did happen to me once - but just once, and thinking about that particualr encounter makes me feel lusty in the same way a smutty book would. It is an immediate reaction to conjuring up the image of that individual in my head). A stranger can inspire a certain element of lust because you find them attractive. However, this kind of lust comes from talking to someone and seeing them interact with others. It comes from you watching them talk and thinking about how their mouth would feel on yours. This need is the direct result of an accidental brushing of hands through the passing fo a drink, or a hand laid in the small of a back to pass by through a crowd of people. It comes from the palpable zing that occasionally exists between people. You hear about "electricity" and "spark" between people and maybe think that it is cosmo-magazine bullshit. Pop-psychologists talk about it, women whisper about it, sex columnists write about it. But, until you actually experience the real "ohmygodijustneedtogetsomewhereandripyourclothesoffrightnowandfuckyouuntilmylegsshake andwecan'tcatchourbreatheandthenwedoitagain" type of situation, you haven't properly experienced LUST.

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