Friday, February 24, 2006

Words That Sound Dirty but Actually Aren't..

Good morning. Just a few quick words while i down my coffee (without cream dammit! i hate it without cream! it tastes like tar and molasses all mixed together! i have fallen into the habit of buying cheap coffee and dousing it heavily with coffee-condiments - namely cream (the kind in the pink carton) and honey - yes, you read it right , honey. i loooovvvve honey in my coffee.) Today i am out of both cream and honey and i realized that i don't like it any other way, so now i am cranky and sulking.

I have been putting some thought into the Words that Sound Dirty but Actually Aren't list, as mentioned in our very first Bloggery (that being the first word on the list) and while i was drifting off to sleep last night (it is really one of the most productive times for thinking..i'm not sure why, but i always have delicious ideas of some sort at that particular time. Sometimes, they're not very nice thoughts, especially if i have had an unusually tedious day at work - then i think mean spirited, yet satisfying thoughts about anyone who was responsible for making my lips tremble and my eyes well-up that day (i have a nasty job where people are rather abusive)...).
Last night before bed, i was reading Roald Dahl's My Uncle Oswald. For those of you who are familiar with Roald Dahl (excuse me while i take a sip of molasses flavored tar), he generally writes wonderful children's stories, but this is NOT a children's story. It is actually quite naughty and wickedly funny. Highly recommended, yet not easy to find. I believe that it is out of print. I am a resourceful book buyer. If you're really good, maybe I'll lend it to you. All of this is leading to the great not-dirty word i thought of while drifting off: punt. So obvious, and very satisfying to say. try it, you'll like it.
Shit. i have to go to work now. wish me luck.

p.s. how do you fix the time of the postings on this thing? it is NOT 2:34 am in my world....

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