Sunday, February 12, 2006

saturday night mischief

Saturday nights are such a wonderful venue for a little bit of naughtiness. We, the Slipshod Petticoats, like to get ourselves tangled up in a little bit of trouble on the weekends ,especially if that tangle involves lacy lingerie in inappropriate situation or spicing things up a smidgen in public places. We are not so utterly predictable that we think "spicing it up" involves public groping or other such nonsense - we're more creative than that. But, since we've begun to tread down the garden path of bitching about the lame-osity of public groping , and how it seems to turn some people on, the opportunity to put a stamp of disapproval on such activities must be seized and plucked, like a ripe peach. So here we go:

Several weeks ago, one little Petticoat was out for an evening of carousing, and was more than ready for a fantastic night, having prepped for the evening's outing by drinking Propeller (yes, i know that is product endorsment and i'm feeling no shame about it) and watching some old AC/DC videos mixed in with some led zeppelin concert footage (the gratutitous crotch shots of Robert and Jimmy are pure entertainment bliss - but not in a sexual way). Having arrived at the evening's destination (an ultimately disappointing CD release of a local band that shall remain nameless), found herself caught up in a rambunctious crowd (no problems there), tightly packed together so that movement was difficult. The couple next to our poor little petticoat were busily making out - and such was their eagerness to get at one another, that their pawing and groping spilled over from their little "couple space" in the crowd and they ended up involving said Petticoat in this disgusting display by inadvertantly touching her on the head and shoulders whicle they shoved their tongues into each other's mouth's, seemingly oblivious to their wandering hands wandering much further than they should have been - onto the body of an innocent by-stander. Listen folks, if you want third party involvement, that's cool - but you were just not my type.

Back to Saturday (the most recent one). This weekend saw the Slipshod Petticoats sipping vino and doing a little impromtu posing in our (what else?) petticoats. Well, we don't really wear petticoats - in fact, neither of us wear underwear, but we do have a lovely collection of little, lacey, underthings....stay tuned for the pics. And what do two girls who are all dressed up with nowhere to go do on a Saturday night? Head out into the world, and look for trouble, of course! Ah, trouble! One of my favorite "t"words. Other favorites include; tantalize, titillate, tremble, tease, tempt, taste, touch..."t" is a sexy letter...even the way one has to use one's tongue to say "t" words - touching the tip against the back of the front teeth...hmmmmmmmmm..

I digress. On Saturday evening, I encountered a situation that made me realize that people really like to have their cake and eat it too (as the old adage goes). It's a silly expression really, because what is the point of having cake if you can't it eat it? But, in this particular case, I think the individual in question is nibbling on one piece of cake (or perhaps wholly devouring it - who am i to say? i'm not in their bedroom) while eyeing another cake from the desert trolley..the metaphorical desert trolley? Does that work? Can people be considered confectionary? What do you think?

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philip clark said...

i'll tell you what i think. i think you should roll that dessert trolley right in here beside the bed.