Thursday, February 09, 2006

Well, here it is: my first bloggery. But since time is always so full of piddley little wasteful things that find me far from The Computer, I must first scribe these words on borrowed paper here at work, stored secretly in the confines of a black, padded billfolder. In case your curiousity is peaked and stumped, I am a servant of the hungry and thirsty. Well, the hungry and thirsty with credit cards, that is. But, let's not go too far off the beaten track my naughty cohort has trodden for us.

On the subject of Bottoms, and since I am at work, I think it may interest you to know that bottomwear/panties/undies are highly unpopular amongst the female serving staff I know. Keep that in mind the next time you are at a restaurant. It may help you pass the time while you wait for the slow-ass cooks the prepare your meal - who are too busy slapping each others' behinds and chasing one another around the hot grill with wet noodles soon the be found in your hungry mouth!

So, the other female servers wear Hane's HerWay, & have terrible panty-lines (ew!), or have a string riding up their crack, defending the comfortability of thongs. You have an elasticised string riding up your crack! That is a lot of things, but comfort is not one of them!

The other thing I know is that sometimes us servers like to wear very hot, sexy bras under our uniform. Fire-engine red, lacy black, leopard name it. I believe it helps us feel individual, sexy, sly, and a bit naughty....when all you see is an unflattering billowy shirt and tight pants, if you're lucky. Ha. It helps to know that when you're dealing with some snotty asshole who is treating you like his personal slave, that if you showed him what was underneath, he would be putty in your hands (and i'm sure the tip would go up). I'm sure well over half of the male customers actually like to undress us, in fact I've seen it many a time. On the otherhand,the jealous older women who treat you like they're your evil step-mother like to picture us in granny-panties, bloomers, petticoats - anything to make themselves feel better.

Must go.... doing this in secret, almost caught!

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